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Healthy school meals for Berlin

Since 2020, we have been cooking fresh, balanced and varied meals for Berlin schools every day with 40 SECONDS Kids. Several thousand school meals are delivered every day, which support the development and performance of the children through coordinated nutrients. When selecting our ingredients for school meals, we take into account the highest DGE quality standards and ensure age-appropriate dishes that taste good.

Balanced school meals with taste and variety

Our school meals are rich in nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to support pupils’ energy and performance. The balanced diet includes a variety of diverse foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats and high-quality dairy products.

The school caterer with a passion for gastronomy

Healthy food and the intake of valuable nutrients are particularly important for children. With 40 SECONDS Kids, we are committed to providing Berlin schools with a varied and balanced diet that meets both the needs and preferences of children. Our expertise from 20 years of event catering and upscale gastronomy is incorporated into the school lunches at 40 SECONDS Kids. The same chefs cook for school children in the morning and for political and social clients in the evening. We live gastronomy and cook with passion. Food with the highest quality standards is a matter of course for us, from 1st class to evening gala. Whether event catering, star level culinary or school catering – the standard is always the same.

Dear parents,

Children should get plenty of exercise and eat and drink the right things. However, children often skip lunch at school, and a balanced, low-fat and varied diet and the intake of valuable nutrients are particularly important for children.

That’s why we serve a colourful variety of food, and our products are mainly organically grown and raised. We attach great importance to regional and seasonal products and only use fish from sustainable wild catches and responsible farming. We only use food from producers who adhere to the “non-GMO” criteria in their production.

As parents, you are of course free to decide on your child’s participation in the school lunch. However, we encourage you to make use of this offer, as healthy nutrition makes an important contribution to your child’s school performance and well-being.


Great recipes to try out at home.

With Radio TEDDY, we present what makes 40 SECONDS Kids school lunches so delicious every week on Mondays at 09:25 and 12:25. And for parents, we have tips and recipes from our chefs on how to eat healthy yet tasty. All recipes are available for download after broadcast on Radio Teddy and on our recipe page.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In order to participate in the 40 SECONDS Kids school lunch programme at your school, a free online registration with us is mandatory – since 11 August 2020, by order and as a requirement of the Berlin Senate, also children with a registration in the after-school care centre of the primary school.

Without an online registration and online lunch order with us, we are unfortunately unable to provide lunch for your child – this applies in particular to the so-called “parental cost-sharing-free” lunch for classes 1 to 6 since 01 August 2019.

Notice of termination must be given in writing. Either by e-mail or by post.

You do not need to register your child as a vegetarian. We offer a vegetarian option every day.

If your child changes from grade 6 to grade 7 (lower secondary school), the customer account can remain in place. However, you will receive a new supplementary contract, as you will have to pay yourself from Year 7 onwards.

If you had a standing order until then, this will be taken out of the system and changed to an individual order.

In the supplementary / new contract, you must provide valid bank details by means of a SEPA mandate.

If you are a user of a Berlin Pass, you can also submit this. No fees will then be charged for the period of validity.

Meal orders can be placed up to 18:00 on the working day before the desired meal is served.

Cancellations must be received by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the meal.

You can conveniently place and cancel your order in your online portal (40 Seconds Kids registration portal). If necessary, you can also cancel by e-mail or telephone.

No, you do not have to deregister your child during the holidays. If the school or whole class is completely closed (holidays, company closure, building work, excursions), the school will register this.

If it is individual absences or illnesses of your child, you must cancel the meal accordingly in the online portal (40 Seconds Kids registration portal). If necessary, you can also contact us by e-mail or telephone.

The prices and subsidies for school lunches are set by law in the School Act and the Social Act.

For all primary school pupils up to and including grade 6, lunch is free of charge in Berlin.

For pupils in grade 7 and above (lower secondary school), the price for a portion is currently €4.36.

We offer special meals for pupils in the primary schools. Enclosed is the corresponding registration form. This must be presented at the time of registration (+ medical certificate).

Registration form for the provision of special meals

P.S.: In general, we do not use pork.

All current menus are available in your school’s online ordering system after you have logged in with your customer number and password.

These are also posted at the schools.

Colourful variety

BIO - Certified

Regional - Seasonal


Without genetic engineering

Fresh daily

Our "Cook & Chill" cooking method

For more vitamins, more health & more taste.

With the tried-and-tested Cook & Chill method (meaning “cooking and cooling”), about 90 per cent of our school food is cooked and then immediately cooled down to below 4°C in the “blast chiller”. The gentle production process ensures one hundred percent taste and hygienic safety (according to the HACCP concept). The vegetables remain crisp and fresh and retain their natural colour before being packed for transport. Food preparation and serving are separated in terms of space and time. The cold chain (below 4°C) must be maintained without gaps until the regeneration process in the facility.

After the food has been cooked, the cooking process is interrupted prematurely and cooled to below 4°C within 90 min.

With continuous cooling to below 4°C, the food can be stored until serving without any reduction in quality.

The food is regenerated to a consumption temperature of at least 65°C shortly before serving.

Bon Appetit!

Our quality promise

As a partner of the schools, we ensure that both the DGE-compliant quality of our meals and the associated services and thus the satisfaction of our customers are always guaranteed. Our quality management includes continuous measures for planning, controlling and optimising all processes based on the defined requirements for school meals.

1. ACT

- Regular meeting with the student council before the publication of the menu.
- Action days/weeks to try new things and to awaken the taste of other cultures among the pupils.

2. PLAN​

- Specific requirements of each school are integrated into the menu.
- Development of a coordinated guideline

3. DO​

- Regular exchange with school management and teaching / after-school staff in order to incorporate assessments.
- Regular development meetings with serving staff and, if necessary, parent representatives.


- Quality management on site by our distribution staff
- Integration of a QR code on the menu for evaluation by the pupils

School meals with fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients

We use high quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients and ensure that our meals are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. We work closely with local suppliers to ensure we get the best ingredients, reduce the environmental footprint and contribute to supporting the local economy.


Simply register your child here. This is how it works:
Select your child’s school, choose a meal from the menu and then “Bon appétit”!

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